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SKU# E-M2795
Price per Unit (piece): $49.90

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Introducing a new state-of-the-art digital multimeter with many new features and great pricing. Ideal for technicians and schools. High tech construction with surface mount internal construction for long life, durability, and accuracy. Digital

Multimeter has12 functions, 45 ranges, Large 3 3/4 digit 4000 count LCD Display with Function & range annunciation in the display;  DC/AC selector switch; Auto power off; DC/AC Voltage 5 ranges; Logic test CMOS & TTL; Capacitance 6 ranges; DC/AC Current 6 ranges; Recessed input jacks and full overload protection reduces shock hazard; Relative value display switch; Data ho;d switch; Resistance 7 ranges; Diode test; Continuity test audible to approx. 120 ohm; Frequency auto ranging 5 ranges up yo 15MHz; Duty cycle; Transistor test hFE, NPN/PNP; Input Impedance 10M ohm

Bonus Features:

Heavy-duty test leads, durable holster, tilt stand, fuse replacements and batteries are made easy by having a single access for batteries and fuses, manual, and  9V battery included


DC Voltage

400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V: +/- 0.5% +3

1000V: +/- 0.8% +3

AC Voltage

4V, 40V, 400V: +/- 0.8% +3

400mV, 750V: +/- 1.2% +3


400ohm, 4k ohm, 40k ohm, 400k ohm, 4M ohm:

+/-1% +3

40Mohm: +/-(2% +3)

400Mohm: +/-(3% +10)

DC Current

40mA, 400µA, 4000µA: +/-(1.2% +3)

40mA, 400mA: +/-(1.5% +3)

10A: +/-(2% +5)
Caution: Max. operation time 15s

Overload Protection:

Fast 0.5A/250V

10A/250V fuse

AC Current

40µA, 400µA, 4000µA: +/ -1.5% +5

40mA, 400mA: +/- 2% +5

10A: +/- 2.5% +5
Caution: Max. operation time 15s

Overload Protection:

Fast 0.5A/250V

10A/250V fuse


4nF: +/- 5% +10

40nF: +/- 3% +10

400nF, 4µF, 40µF: +/- 2% +5

200µF: +/- 4% +5


Frequency 10Hz - 15MHz: +/- 0.1% +5

Sensitivity: sine wave 0.6V rms




Price per Unit (piece): $49.90
SKU# E-M2795

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